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  • 16th May
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Pardon Me

Alright, so have you heard of He Is We?

They’re absolutely fantastic! Probably one of my favorite bands ever! They sound like an indie pop mix.

He Is We is Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. They worked together at a music shop and eventually started to jam during their breaks; then they started getting together outside of work to pursue making a band. It’s Rachel’s lyrics and Trevor’s music.

They released their first EP on iTunes in November of last year, 2010. They’ve become pretty popular since. Their album is sold in some CD stores in the Northeastern US and their single ‘Happily Ever After’ is being played on the raido in some states. How exciting! They also have an OLD DEMOS CD for sale on their web page. Those are also very good songs.


My favorite songs by them are His Name, All About Us ft Aaron Gillespie (who is also amazing), I Wouldn’t Mind, and Prove You Wrong.

I highly recommend them. They’re going on a tour sponsored by Pure Volume for the next few months, but sadly they’re not coming to Florida :(

Maybe they’ll come back soon.

Make sure to check them out :)

Random fact: I’m left handed.

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